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After many years working for other safari companies, I wanted to start organizing my own adventure tours in Africa. But I also wanted to share my love of walking, camping, nature, wildlife and local experiences by creating an itinerary that included a little bit of everything. My first outdare adventure will take us to East Africa and I trust the information on this website will help you make an informed decision that will help you decide if you're ready for a very adventurous trip into the wilds of Africa! - Derek Cullen 🇮🇪

Derek Cullen has worked as a tour leader for more than 3 years in this part of Africa and will lead this trip with the assistance of local drivers for the wildlife safaris and local mountain guides for the Kilimanjaro climb. You will have immediate access to these guides at all times and these are some of the most experienced drivers and guides in East Africa.

You don’t need much hiking or camping experience for this tour or any technical experience for the Kili climb but a reasonable level of fitness will certainly help you enjoy the tour a bit more. It’s recommended to get out hiking as much as possible before the trip and test your hiking shoes etc before departure.

Aside from your flight, we take care of all transport and logistics for your trip to East Africa. We are also here to answer your questions and make sure that you are collected at the airport and taken safely to meet the group. As with anywhere in the world, common sense is needed during the trip but it’s especially important to respect any advice from guides when it comes to wildlife in particular.  But rest assured, you will be briefed before entering these areas and in the company of your fellow travellers and guides for most of the trip.

Although this is a camping adventure, we do spend the occasional night in a local hotel or guesthouse. First time camping? Perfect! Check out the camping section to get a better idea of what to expect…

You will spend almost the entire time outdoors for the Kilimanjaro climb. The safari sections are approx 50% game drives and 50% time at the campsite, lunch stops etc. There is also a couple of days in which we drive for several hours in order to reach our next location.