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What's the Story?

After many years working for other safari companies, I wanted to start organizing my own adventure tours in Africa. But I also wanted to share my love of walking, camping, nature, wildlife and local experiences by creating an itinerary that included a little bit of everything. My first outdare adventure will take us to East Africa and I trust the information on this website will help you make an informed decision that will see you embark on a magical journey with a positive group of like-minded people. - Derek Cullen 🇮🇪


Derek Cullen will organise and manage almost every aspect of your tour. After working as a tour guide for more than 3 years in this part of Africa, you can rest assured that every part of your trip is carefully considered.


We keep the drive time to a minimum and aside from safari/game drives, you will be outdoors as much as possible.


You don't need much experience for this tour but a reasonable level of fitness will help you enjoy some of the activities a little more.


Aside from your flight, we take care of all transport and logistics for your trip to East Africa. We are here to answer your questions and make sure that you are collected at the airport and taken safely to meet the group.


You will have immediate access to trusted and professional guides at all times on the trip. These are some of the most experienced drivers, guides and managers that will ensure you always know what's happening.


Although this is a camping adventure, we do spend the occasional night in a local hotel or guesthouse. First time camping? Perfect! Check out the camping section to get a better idea of what to expect...